Constipation, the difficulty in passing stool, affects people of all ages but women and the elderly population are more susceptible to dealing with such issues. While constipation can be largely contributed to a poor diet, there may be other issues going on internally that can lead to further medical complications down the road.

Bowel movement frequency will vary among people. Some may use the bathroom regularly three times a day while others may only be able to empty their bowels two times a week. Constipation may be a situational problem affecting people occasionally, while other may need to deal with constipation on a regular basis. The rule of thumb is after three days without a bowel movement, medical intervention is recommended.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the problem, those struggling with constipation issues may not readily admit their issues and will not seek the treatment of a doctor. There are many reasons outside of an improper diet that can cause constipation including lack of exercise, stress, hypothyroidism, neurological condition, medications, eating disorders, colon cancer, and depression.

Constipation is nothing to be ashamed of and it may be important to have testing done to ensure nothing more serious is wrong. Feeling poorly due to being chronically constipated can certainly interrupt your normal day, causing you to miss work hours and in some cases limiting the amount of work you can do.

It may be very important to seek treatment if you experience more than occasional constipation. If it is an indication that something more serious is wrong, it is best to be diagnosed as early as possible, especially in the case of cancer. Medical testing is often the only way to detect internal problems that do not cause more obvious physical symptoms.

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