The driver of the taxi cab that hit an 85 year old New York man last week is said to have blamed the glare of the sun for causing the accident.

The driver was traveling east on Pondfield Road when he struck the 85 year old victim. No specific details were released about what occurred during the accident but police on the scene stated that the victim seemed to suffer only mild injuries like cuts and abrasions. However, after the victim was transported to the hospital while still fully alert, he ended up passing away several days later from the sustained injuries.

The driver of the tax has not faced any charges yet but it does bring to light the responsibilities involved with driving a vehicle for a living. Vehicle accidents can happen at any time, even if you are on the clock. The news reports did not say if the cab driver was injured during the accident but he likely had to face facts with his employer.

Driving hazards can spring up at any time, including those courtesy of Mother Nature. Changes in the sun or the driver’s direction can cause momentary periods of blindness that leaves the driver unable to see pedestrians or other vehicles on the roadway. They have an added responsibility to drive cautiously for the weather conditions at hand, including not driving too fast when they can not adequately see the road in front of them.

Additionally, pedestrians also need to notice these environmental issues such as sunlight possibly distracting the driver and should take great care to cross roads only after assuring the roads are clear. Too often pedestrians and drivers take unnecessary risks simply to keep moving but when vehicle accidents happen, someone will end up paying a serious price.


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