The so-far unexplained death of a highway worker is not an uncommon occurrence on the job. There are many deadly accidents involving pedestrian workers that perform their job tasks around motor vehicles and many accidents where the driver of a work vehicle has been killed.

Injuries sustained from pedestrian versus vehicle accidents can be serious and long-lasting, producing chronic pain and long-term medical care. Injuries can range from broken bones to traumatic head injuries and like the case in Mamaroneck can lead to the death of the victim.

Great care and proper training is a requirement for workers who operate or work around heavy equipment. Those like Robert Delvecchio who work on New York highways and side roads face danger daily as they are prone to working around the general public who are driving vehicles too fast in construction zones. Employees in construction, public works, law enforcement, and utility services face great risks each day having to not only protect their own health and safety but also be alert to the health and welfare of their co-workers.

So far in the case of Mr. Robert Delvecchio there has not be a conclusive answer into how the accident occurred and no charges have been filed against the driver who allegedly hit him that morning. There could be many scenarios in this case but ultimately a worker just doing his job lost his life and his wife and young son lost a vital piece of their lives in the process.


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