Blood disorders and diseases are varied and can affect people from every walk of life. While many of the conditions can be treated with medication allowing one to live a relatively normal life, others may be much more serious with symptoms that impact your life severely.

Anemia is a very common blood condition that many people suffer with due to genetic predisposition or low iron levels in their body. Many times a diet change and supplemental treatments can help correct this issue but more serious cases may require long-term treatment and no longer permit you to perform your daily job duties to earn a living.

The symptoms associated with anemia include fatigue. Feeling tired all of the time and having a lack of energy may make it necessary to stop working in the interest of safety for all in the workplace. If you are unable to earn an income, you may qualify for Social Security benefits. These benefits can help provide some financial support when you are no longer receiving a paycheck.

It is important to seek medical treatment for anemia or any other type of blood disorder immediately. See your regular physician who can refer you to a blood specialist known as a hematologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Not only will you need this medical attention to reduce symptoms and improve your health, you will also need to have the proper documentation from medical professionals concerning your anemia condition to qualify for Social Security benefits.

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