There are a number of blood disorders that can make it particularly dangerous to perform hard labor job duties. For instance, people who suffer from hemophilia have additional safety concern to worry about on the job. Workers who have hemophilia have difficulties with their blood and its ability to clot. This presents a certain danger on jobs that are already dangerous.


For hemophiliacs, sustaining a cut or other injury on the job can prove fatal. Hemophiliacs are unable to stop bleeding in a short period of time because the blood will not clot as it is supposed to do. This can mean that workers end up losing too much blood from a relatively minor injury.


If you are in a position of having to perform difficult job tasks or take risks on the job, it can be devastating as a hemophiliac to incur even a small cut. Workers need to be prepared to deal with these situations where blood loss may occur and keep employers informed about the seriousness of any injury due to their medical history.


Hemophilia is a serious blood disorder that should be diagnosed and kept under the care of a physician. In some situations, a diagnosis of hemophilia may end up preventing you from holding down any kind of physical job. It will be up to your doctor to advise you on your limitations based on your specific disorder.


Workers who have been diagnosed with hemophilia need to have a plan of action and know what to do to treat injuries that result in bleeding on the job and while at home. Being unable to stop any bleeding will require a trip to your doctor or the emergency room for prompt treatment.


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