When bad weather brings about the watches and warnings of tropical or hurricane-force storms, it is essential you are prepared for what may come both at home and in your workplace. Hurricanes can be a powerful force that even the best preparation can still result in tragedy but it is wise to do everything you can to prepare for what may come.


If your workplace is in the path of an oncoming hurricane, you will typically have advanced warning so you can begin to prepare. All employees should be expected to assist in securing the work environment by tending to the removal of hazardous conditions. This may include securing loose items in and around the workspace. Outdoor furniture, equipment, trash cans, and other objects can become deadly if they take flight in hurricane-force winds. Windows should be boarded up to protect the glass as well as the interior of the building. It will also be necessary to ensure the location of the business can properly drain the heavy rains to prevent flooding if possible. This will include clearing gutters, drainage ditches, and pipes of any debris so water can flow away from the building during the storm.


Office administrative staff will need to ensure work information is protected such as backing up computer files, removing damageable objects from the floors in case of flooding, and removing the most vital equipment off the premises until the storm has passed. Management should have preparations made for any worker who will be staying on location during the storm including flashlights, storm radios, batteries, fresh water, first aid supplies, and bedding. There may be some businesses which operate 24/7 that require staff on-site even during such dangerous storms.


The farther in advance you can prepare for what is coming, the more successful you will be at surviving hurricane-force storms and protecting staff remaining on site. Any delays in preparation, especially when planning to evacuate, can cost you severely in injuries and fatalities.