There are many ordinary every day job tasks that can pose a serious health risk to you just due to the air your breathe. Many workers are injured on the job due to the hazards floating around in the air that result in lung disease and many can prove fatal such as in the case of lead or asbestos.

Workers can be subjected to dust exposure simply by being in the workplace on a day to day basis. But those that are employed as carpenters or in other construction or demolition jobs may be more susceptible to the devastating effects of toxic dust. During sanding, building, or tearing down of structures can loosen the materials that can prove hazardous to their health. Without proper face masks and breathing equipment, workers can breathe the toxic chemicals into their lungs.

Other industries that can prove hazardous to a worker’s health and safety include those that work with toxic chemicals that can settle as dust on the workplace walls and floors. Walking around in these dusty environments without the protective equipment is something many workers do daily without much thought to their health and safety. Miners have long been known for the fatal black lung disease, developed after workers breathed in the dust from underground coal mines.

Dust can contain many hazardous chemicals and allergens that affect an individual’s lungs and many lung diseases do not show up immediately. It can take years for many diseases to take hold and workers continue to work in dangerous, dusty environments without fully realizing the damage they are doing to their health.

Respiratory disease often go unnoticed until they are already serious or to the point where they are untreatable. Those that are exposed to hazardous materials, toxic fumes and dust, should be regularly tested for the lung functionality. A chest x-ray can help detect spots on the lungs for early treatment which can improve success rates.