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ENT Conditions That Can Put You Out of Work

Otolaryngologists, more commonly known as Ear Nose & Throat doctors (ENTs) treat many conditions that can put you out of work so it is important for you to follow up first with your primary care physician in order to get a referral to the otolaryngologist.

Common medical conditions as treated by an ENT can start out as a small inconvenience but end up being a major medical problem requiring intensive treatment and expensive surgeries. Even the most common problems can cause you serious financial distress when you are unable to go back to work due to the nature of your condition. For instance, many throat and upper respiratory conditions can be contagious. Going to work can infect your other co-workers and become a major liability to the employer you work for and you both end up losing income.

Rest is often a prime element of recovery from upper respiratory illness, especially when drug therapy is prescribed. There are many medications you might have to take that can affect your ability to perform safely on the job, especially when it comes to pain killers. Unfortunately many employees can not bear the loss of work hours and will fail to remain at home resting or even go to the doctor in the first place.

Aside from being a threat to your co-workers during such illnesses, your medical condition can end up being a threat to yourself. Some infections may seem minor at first but can progress quickly into a very serious situation, sometimes one that will require surgery and keep you out of work even longer.

Chronic sinus conditions, ear infections, throat inflammation, and hearing loss are all common reasons for being referred to an ENT. Each of these conditions can be short-term or chronic situations especially when medical attention is not immediately sought.


If you have contracted a serious medical condition from the job you perform, including chronic respiratory infections that have been found to be due to your job tasks, it is crucial you follow through with your ENT referral and then contact our office. We’ll provide you with a free consultation to discuss your illness and a possible worker’s compensation claim. Contact our office toll free at 855-614-4351 or use our online contact form.