While many people look forward to the fun and sun of summer, there are also factors that should be of concern for folks who enjoy spending plenty of time in the great outdoors, especially those who choose to work in outside summer conditions. Working in the heat of the sun requires special precautions all employees need to consider.

Summer Working Concerns

Skin Cancer –One thing employees should take care to do each day is apply sunscreen on any skin exposed to the UV rays of the sun. It is also wise to see a dermatologist on an annual basis for skin checks. Skin cancer is a common cancer but can prove deadly if not detected early.

Food Poisoning – Workers that bring a lunch with them should take care to pack their food in coolers to keep the food cold and fresh. Summer heat can spoil common lunch foods and cause workers to become sick quickly.

DehydrationWorking in the hot outdoors without consuming enough water and fluids can cause the body to become dehydrated. Without the proper fluids, workers can end up in the hospital, hooked up to IV fluids in more serious cases. Always be sure to have access to fresh, clean water and drink as much as possible when working in the heat.

Lyme Disease – Working in wooded areas brings about the potential for tick bites which can result in Lyme disease if left unchecked. If you discover a tick on your skin, remove it carefully to ensure you get all of the tick out and save it. Your doctor may want to have it tested for the disease.

Vision Problems – The eyes are sensitive to UV rays of the sun which can cause damage severe enough to lead to vision loss. It is important to protect your eyes when out in the sunlight by wearing UV-protective lens.

Working in the summer can be an enjoyable time but it is important to monitor your safety practices when out in the heat and sunshine. Things can quickly turn bad and your health can be seriously impacted if you are taking precautions for working in the heat of summer.