Small business owners are advised to pay close attention to work conditions and employees during the summer months. According to Hartford operations, a New York property-casualty insurer, the peak months for workers’ compensation claims are from June through September. During this time of year, small business owners will likely see more workers’ compensation claims, with almost one-third of on the job injuries reported by workers 30 years or younger. Claims data from the insurer indicated back injuries including lower back strains as well as slips, falls and trips are the most commonly reported injuries.

As reported by, “Noting the 100th anniversary of workers’ comp insurance, Travelers says there are some things businesses can do to minimize on-the-job injuries and claims”. They are as follows,

  • Proper employee training- One of the easiest ways to reduce injuries on the job and subsequently workers’ compensation claims is by providing all employees with proper safety training. Each worker should receive an orientation and training session which includes emergency procedures, safe work practices, personal protective gear and how to deal with an accident on the job.
  • Employee supervision- Once employees receive safety training, it is important for supervisors to remain vigilant of employee behavior and practices. If workers are not following through with what they learned during orientation, supervisors must be actively involved in correcting the behavior.
  • Response to accidents- Despite all efforts to prevent accidents, it is impossible to guarantee a worker will never be hurt on the job. While proper training and supervision reduce the number of incidents which occur at work, there will be accidents that must be dealt with. Understanding the proper procedure to respond to accidents for both employers and employees is important to prevent additional injury and ensure medical attention is provided as needed.

These are just a few of the ways business owners can prevent or respond to accidents in the workplace. When the risk of injury to the employee is reduced, the number of workers’ comp claims drop as well.