If you find your time on the job is having a bad effect on you, it may be possible that you are allergic to something present in your workplace. More people appear to have developed allergies than in decades past. From food items to environmental particles, people are experiencing serious allergic reactions on a near daily basis. For some, allergic reactions can actually be deadly if left untreated.


Allergies can be mild but they can also be very serious. For some, prescription medication in the form of an epinephrine pen must be on hand at all times to reverse the severity of an allergic reaction. Allergies often develop over time and there may be some people that begin feeling bad when on the job. The particles in the general work area can affect you and for those working outside, they face additional risks when allergic to things in the environment including bee stings and pollen.


It is important to understand the cause of your allergies, especially if the reactions you are experiencing are getting more serious. You should visit with your family doctor and discuss your symptoms to rule out other possible medical conditions. If no other issues are found, you may be referred to an allergist for additional testing. If the allergy specialist does get positive test results on specific allergens, you will need to carefully evaluate the impact these results will have on your life, especially if the allergens are present in your workplace or if you are often exposed to the allergens on the job.


You may need to take medications to prevent reactions to the materials that trigger allergic reactions or you may need to avoid them altogether. You may also want to discuss you allergies with your employer as a measure of safety when serious reactions are possible. For instance, if you are allergic to bee stings and you work outdoors it can be critical for co-workers to know what to do if you suffer a reaction.


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