Just about any kind of accident can cause a rib fracture. Auto collisions, falling off of bikes, or slipping down the stairs could potential fracture one or more ribs. It’s the most common chest injury by far. Despite how common fractured ribs are, though, they can lead to months of missed work.

Recovering From Fractured Ribs

A person’s recovery time can depend on several factors. How many ribs were fractured? How badly were they damaged? Which ribs were fractured? All of these questions can impact a person’s recovery time.

Typically, though, a person will recover from fractured ribs within ten weeks. That might not sound like an exceptionally long time until you consider the intense pain and discomfort that a patient can experience during the healing process. It’s very difficult for some patients to breathe normally. That says a lot about the amount of pain that they experience.

Managing Pain During Recovery

Doctors can’t do much about fractured ribs, but they can give you prescription medication to control the pain. This may not, however, help you get back to work any sooner. Pain medications can make it unsafe for patients to drive to work. Many employees often find that they cannot perform their job tasks safely while taking medications.

These situations can lead to months of missed work and pay. If you have fractured a rib, you might need to apply for short-term disability to afford living expenses and medical bills, not to mention the financial hardship caused by lost pay.


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