Low income workers around New York City are part of a sad statistic concerning taking sick time off from work. It is evident that many workers risk losing more than a few day’s pay when they have to call in sick to work. In some cases like the recent Alvarez case, workers are losing their entire income when they fall ill with serious medical conditions.


Like Alvarez, many workers are diagnosed with medical conditions that require hospitalization. If these workers do not follow through with treatment and follow their doctor’s orders, they stand to lose their lives. This missed work time unfortunately often translates into their loss of their jobs during their recovery.


Employers that are not offered paid sick days are putting the health of their employees at risk. Many employees will have to choose their job over their health in order to stay afloat financially. Losing work hours is hard enough but to lose their entire income is not something many low-income families can live with.


It becomes additionally complicated when workers need to use sick time from work to care for their children who take ill and cannot attend school. This missed work time not only cuts down the amount of income being brought home, it again puts workers at risk of trouble at work.


Every employer has protocol for calling off of work for illness or emergencies. Know what the rules are at your job so you can do what is necessary to protect your employment. If no paid time is available for call offs, discuss your options with your supervisor in an effort to retain your job while you tend to your obligations.


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