With cold and flu season here, it is very important to consider the health and safety of your co-workers when you show up to your job infected with a cold or flu virus. While you may feel the need to go to work and not lose hours, you are potentially putting all of your co-workers at risk for developing your contagious germs. Never go to work when you have a fever or if you have been diagnosed with an infectious disease such as mononucleosis.

While colds and flu are common viruses spread throughout a workplace, there are also other issues that need attention. Infections like styes or pink eye that can develop overnight can also be transmitted to co-workers when you are not practicing good sanitary habits such as hand washing and avoiding the rubbing of the affected area.

It is important to not share your germs with workers so you have to refrain from sharing your personal items especially eye makeup, lotions, and lip balms. While it may be kind of you to be willing to share, you are passing potential germs to your friends and co-workers making them vulnerable to the infection.

If you have an infection that will not go away or become problematic for your work environment, don’t hesitate to see your doctor as soon as possible. If they recommend you miss work until the infection heals or is no longer contagious, follow their advice. Putting your entire work floor at risk of being ill means productivity will be down, safety will be reduced, and you are at risk for getting sick over and over again.

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