There are many opportunities out there for teenagers looking to enter the workforce. Whether there is a part-time job throughout the year or whether a younger worker is only employed seasonally, it is always important to be prepared for what could happen on the job.

Young workers often lack the basic experience that could prevent accidents and injuries to themselves and others. Unfortunately, it is also common for seasonal young workers to not be properly trained for the job at hand. Whether working in a restaurant kitchen or employed for the summer outdoors it is important young workers recognize the dangers of their particular job and be properly trained in order to stay safe.

Parents may need to pay attention to their newly-working teenager to ensure that proper protocol is being followed. Younger workers may not be experienced or knowledgeable about worker safety laws and find themselves in precarious situations. All workers should be receiving the proper training for the job and have access to the proper protective gear when necessary.

Teens also need to understand their own limitations. If they are being asked to do a job that is not safe or does not have the proper safety equipment in place, they should know they have a right to refuse to do the work. Many teens will not refuse because they will be more afraid of losing their job. Parents should stay tuned in to the issues their kids may be having on the job to ensure their safety.


Teens working in a part-time or seasonal capacity will have rights in the event of a work-related injury. Our experienced legal team can help ensure teen workers have the proper representation during a workers compensation claim after an on the job injury. Contact our legal team toll free at 888-799-3918 or by using our online contact form for more information.