If you have been recovering from an on-the-job injury and finally get cleared to return to work, it can be highly frustrating to go back to your job only to learn there is no job to go back to.

Many employers, especially those who have been negligent in the aspects of employee safety, will feed excuses to those employees trying to return to work. Most times, an employer will cite the fact that light duty jobs or those that meet with the restrictions placed on a worker simply do not exist. It leaves the employee in a confusing position.

The reality is in most cases an employer can create some kind of work task to keep an employ occupied as they continue to earn their wage rather than allow the employee to kick back at home and collect. Employers will need to put on their thinking caps and figure out different kinds of tasks suitable for the returning employee if they are restricted from returning to their full-time, regular duties.

Light duty tasks such as office work, answering phones, cleaning, painting, repair, and other tasks are just an example of the work that could be made available to those on limiting restrictions.


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