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Are You Really Ready To Go Back To Work?

How you handle a workers compensation claim is very important. There are thousands of individuals injured on the job who never receive the compensation to which they are rightly entitled. This is in some part due to the many fraudulent claims which make it difficult for legitimate claims to make it through the system. Another reason for the loss of benefits is the mishandling of an approved claim.

This is why it is very important to understand your rights as an injured worker as well as your responsibilities if you receive workers compensation benefits. An experienced attorney can help you navigate this often complex and confusing system to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Here are a few things to consider before returning to the job after a workplace injury.

  • Continued medical treatments – If your condition requires additional treatment, do not skip these treatments once you have returned to work. It is important for your long term health and wellness to keep all medical appointments. You may still receive workers compensation benefits to cover expenses after returning to work.

  • Reduced earning benefit- If your pay rate is lower after returning to work, you may receive workers compensation benefits to offset the reduced rate.

  • Always report change of work status- Either yourself or your workers compensation attorney must notify the Workers Compensation Board and insurance company whenever there is a change in work status, such as returning to work.

There are several other factors which may come into play when it is time to return to work. To ensure you have all the bases covered, please consult your workers compensation lawyer for detailed information regarding your case.