Those suffering from fibromyalgia disability not only have to deal with the chronic physical pain experienced in the joints and muscles of the body but also have concerns about their mental well-being. Fibromyalgia as a disability has been known to bring on such symptoms that can affect your brain, particularly where memory is concerned. Memory failure has been reported by suffers in both short and long-term situations. This can put workers at particular risk on the job while livingFibromyalgia attorney disability new york with fibromyalgia.

Research shows that fibromyalgia sufferers do show signs of cognitive functioning problems when tested with non-sufferers. Fibromyalgia symptoms can make patients tend to have more difficulties remembering a series of words during testing than others and in general perform poorly on other memory skills tests than non-sufferers. Researchers are discovering that fibromyalgia patients tend to test at age levels some twenty years more than their actual age.

Some suggest that the chronic pain disrupts quality sleep and takes away focus from a person with fibromyalgia which can result in the poorer performance during cognitive testing. While working with chronic pain is an issue all of its own, the cognitive abilities of an individual is often essential to performing a job safely and effectively. Those reporting to work in constant pain and lacking sleep may be more susceptible to making human errors that put others at safety risks as well as putting the patient in harm’s way.

A medical diagnosis for those suffering from fibromyalgia is necessary not only for proper treatment but also for securing disability benefits when fibromyalgia’s symptoms leave you unable to perform your job safely. Being distracted and unable to remember important information can certainly be a hazard in the workplace for the worker as well as their fellow employees. Those affected by fibromyalgia should continue to work carefully with their doctor in order to manage the chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and other symptoms that go along with the condition.