When you suffer from fibromyalgia you likely are also suffering from chronic exhaustion. Being unable to sleep due to the pain can cause an exhausted feeling like no other. Even those that take a lot of time to rest can still feel too tired to accomplish anything through the day.

People with fibromyalgia have reported that fatigue can be helped with regular naps during the day. But the flare ups associated with fibromyalgia can prevent individuals from getting any rest at all. Unfortunately, there are other issues that will result from feeling so drained and tired all of the time. Feeling frustrated, irritated, and depressed can really make it difficult for people to cope effectively with the issues.

Those suffering from the chronic pain and chronic fatigue may also have difficulty coping with others around them. They are unable to explain how terrible they feel and easily get upset by the disruption to their regular day’s activities. As a result, depression can set in making it even more difficult to make it through each day.

Part of coping with the chronic fatigue and pain of fibromyalgia involves some planning. During flare ups it will be hard to commit to going places so it is helpful to plan ahead and let others know when you are not up to doing things. Don’t hibernate from others though or depression could get worse. Share your feelings with people close to you and seek medical assistance for dealing with resulting anxieties and depression you may be experiencing. There are also support groups that can help you deal with the condition and its related symptoms.

If you are suffering to the point you are not able to continue working or continue full-time, it’s likely that you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Benerfits.  For more information, download our FREE report – The Disability Guys’ Guide to Fibromyalgia and Federal Social Security Disabiity Benefits.  You might also want to contact us for a FREE evaluation to discuss the particulars of your personal situation.