Individuals that are diagnosed with fibromyalgia may qualify for benefits through Social Security. Those whose ability to work is limited or totally impaired by fibromyalgia should consult with an experienced attorney to determine if they meet requirements.

Fibromyalgia involves chronic pain throughout the body. This chronic pain has no confirmed cause and no permanent cure. Pain can be management through ongoing treatment that could include medications and/or therapy and exercise. There are many physical labor jobs that can be hampered by the chronic pain which leaves workers unable to perform their jobs and thus unable to earn an income.

Fibromyalgia also can bring about other health complications that can make it difficult to work. Irritable bowel syndrome and headaches are just two of the symptoms of fibromyalgia that can make working too difficult especially when coupled with chronic widespread pain in other areas of the body. There is also fatigue associated with the condition. Working when suffering from extreme fatigue can be dangerous to you and other workers so you may again be unable to work to earn a living.

It is important to speak with a medical professional as soon as possible. Most sufferers will be referred to a rheumatologist specialist for additional monitoring and treatment. After securing a fibromyalgia diagnosis that limits your ability to earn a living, download our FREE report, The Disability Guys’ Guide to Fibromyalgia and Federal Social Security Disability Benefits.  You should also consult with our experienced lawyers to discuss your rights to Social Security benefits.


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