There are a multitude of reasons why people become clinically depressed. Events happening in their personal life or their workplace can trigger long-lasting feelings of sadness and a total lack of interest in life. These feelings can be dangerous not only to the person who suffers the feelings but also for the entire work environment.

Many working people with depression fail to seek help from their employer for fear of losing their job or fear of having others think less of them for their condition. Many also remain silent about their depression or other mental illness because they feel they do not have the means to get medical help. However many employers offer help for mental illnesses including depression. In fact, more than half of the medical plan payments are made in regards to mental health conditions.

Dealing with employees who may be depressed can be a dangerous position for management. Confronting someone about possible depression can trigger feelings of resentment especially when employees feel as though they are unsupported or being singled out. Many with depression do not realize the extent of their condition and will not be open to advice from anyone else.

But it is important to prevent potential acts of workplace violence and protect the entire workforce and it is also important for those struggling with depression to get help. Depression is a common illness and can be exacerbated by work stress. It can be a costly illness for the employee and their employer alike.

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