A Syracuse man admitted guilt to defrauding the federal government out of more than $18,000 and he will likely pay a high price for his actions, proving once again that intentionally defrauding the workers compensation system is never a good option no matter your financial situation.

The man was a postal carrier for the US Postal Service. He claimed he could not work due to a shoulder injury and proceeded to collect workers compensation benefits. When investigators checked out his story, it was found the former mailman was not at home resting comfortably but rather hauling heavy building materials as he worked for his own construction company. Investigators have the man’s actions all on tape and thus the man pled guilty.

Now, not only will the man be potentially locked up in prison for five years, he’ll also need to pay back the amount of benefits he fraudulently took. He may also have to face a $250,000 fine which is far more than the amount he fraudulently collected. Again, another example of just how much workers comp fraud does not pay.

There is an increased awareness about workers compensation fraud and investigators are often employed to catch you in the act, gathering undeniable proof you are making false representations while collecting benefits.  Once you are caught on video, it’s really hard to say otherwise and you must face the consequences.

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