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Hudson River Museum

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Located in Yonkers, New York, on the banks of the Hudson River, the purpose of the HRM is to engage, empower, and bind different communities through the power of the arts, sciences, and history.


In 1919, with the help of a group of local citizens and artists known as the Yonkers Art Association, the Museum was established. Originally named The Yonkers Museum, it began as a collection of rocks and minerals that were kindly donated by a well-known Yonkers attorney, Edwin C. Mott. 

With his minerals the first pieces displayed in the museum, it quickly expanded over the next couple of years to offer an exhibition of artworks.

Over the next few years, the Museum was about to move to Glenview in 1924 into a gorgeous Gilded Age mansion, endorsed by the Yonkers Art Association.

The Museum renamed the Yonkers Museum of Sciences and Arts, drew a constant stream of tourists from Yonkers and the community in this new home. During the 1920, and ’30s, many significant pieces of art found their way into the museum.

Soon after, the Museum changed its name to the Hudson River Museum of Yonkers in 1948, due to its growing ties to its beloved city.


The Museum offers guests a variety of exhibitions and special collections to see from regional artists, galleries, and collections all over the world. Another bonus of visiting the museum is being able to also receive a guided tour of the Gilded Age Glenview Historic Home, built-in 1877.

To see times available to go visit, check out their website.

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