Prospect Park Zoo

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The 585-acre Prospect Park contains a collection of items that have residents and tourists coming back time and time again. The Prospect Park Zoo is nestled along the eastern side of the park, a 12-acre tract of land populated by a number of mammals, avians, amphibians, and reptiles.


Within the initial proposals for Prospect Park, a zoological garden was included, which appeared to bear low priority as the construction of the park pressed on. By 1874, eight years after construction started, the only zoological aspects in Prospect Park were a deer paddock, a wildfowl marsh, and a herd in sheep that tended to meadows in the park.

In 1890, there was a vast amount of donations that increased the diversity in the growing zoo, adding foxes, bears, seals, peacocks, and more. Over the next few decades, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation operated the zoo. Major renovations were made in 1988 which closed the zoo until its reopening in 1993. 

Things To Do

Discover a list of events, experiences, and exhibits to explore during your visit. The most prominent spot to see upon arrival is the Sea Lion Court that’s located in the center of the Zoo. 

The Animal Lifestyles Exhibit in Prospect Park Zoo, home to endangered species like Pallas’ cat, Geoffroy’s marmoset, Golden Lion tamarin, and Hamadryas baboon, is another significant attraction that’s well-liked by visitors. 

Other popular exhibits to include on your adventure is the Hall of Animals, Discovery Trail, the barn house full of alpacas, Cotswold sheep, and Juliana pigs. 

For more information, visit their website for ticket prices and memberships if you’re a resident in Brooklyn. 

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