A Queens NY woman will spend some time in a federal prison after she falsified documents relating to fake medical claims she submitted. When she was confronted about the claims and asked to provide proof, the women forged documents not related to medical treatment and sent in the paperwork. She was caught and charged with a federal crime.

Falsifying documents may seem easy enough in this age of technology but it is hardly worth your time and effort to commit fraud, especially when a prison sentence can be handed down for your crimes.

Many claims for benefits require meticulous records be kept concerning your worker compensation claim or Social Security disability benefits. It is your responsibility to keep up with documents which you may need to prove your claim. While your treating physician will keep records about your medical treatment, it is advisable that you also stay organized and on top of things.

Oftentimes, in a pinch, people will be missing some vital piece of information. Rather than go about getting the information the right way, they attempt to alter the information they have. While those intentionally committing fraud may be inclined to create their own documentation, by altering paperwork and documents, you may be committing a crime even if you don’t realize it.

Our attorneys are highly experienced at the paper trail, medical evidence and other documentation necessary for a successful case win. While we can assist you in the process and provide guidance, it is highly recommended you get yourself organized. Dedicate a binder where you can keep all related correspondence, medical treatment records, and expense tracking sheets related to your case. The more organized you are, the better chance you have at getting what you need.


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