The different kinds of materials used in construction work can prove deadly especially if they are dropped from great heights, striking workers below. The recent death of a construction worker on Governors Island highlights the danger once again for those working in construction.

The 55-year old man was killed after being crushed by a 15 foot pipe which fell from a forklift while a flatbed truck was being unloaded on a job site. The pipe fell on the construction worker who was pronounced dead at the scene. It is reported that two other workers were also hurt after the pipe fell but their injuries were not serious.

There is no word on what caused the pipe to become loose and fall to the ground below. The safety protocol on the job site should have had a strategy in place to prevent the pipes from coming loose or falling from the forklift. Construction workers facing similar job duties should always ensure safety protocol is in place to prevent such tragedies. While hardhats may not protect workers from such large objects, they are instrumental in protecting the workers from more commonly dropped items including hammers and other tools.

In addition to hardhats and personal protective gear, it is important that all construction workers follow through with using safety harnesses to prevent materials from falling and to prevent workers from falling to the ground below. The safety harnesses and other equipment must also be inspected on a daily basis to be sure it is adequate for the job and working properly.

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