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Danger: Watch Out For Falling Objects!

Some work areas should come equipped with a “watch out for falling objects” warning sign. Similar to road signs that warn of falling rocks or icy conditions, a sign warning workers of potential danger could prevent certain workplace accidents. There are certain areas of work where the risk of being injured by a falling object are higher than other industries. The warehouse worker and construction worker are at a greater risk of being hurt in this manner than a person working in an office setting.

It is the employers responsibility to protect their workers from this and other types of injury at the workplace. Items that are stored at height must be secured and transported safely to reduce the risk of injury from falling objects. This includes making sure items are stacked properly on shelving or racks that can support the weight of the items. When the proper safety procedures are not followed the result can be serious injury or even death.

To reduce the risk of injury due to falling objects, employers must provide the shelving, harnessing or racking that is strong enough to support the items stacked there. In addition employees must be warned of the potential for danger as well as the proper safety procedures to reduce the risk of injury. It is the duty of the employer to ensure all equipment in use is in good working order and that routine inspections are carried out to guarantee proper safety procedures are being following.

Workers injured due to falling objects at work are entitled to benefits through workers compensation. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding their claim should seek advice from an experienced workers compensation attorney to ensure their rights are protected.