Every New Years Eve, millions of people travel from all over the world to experience the transition into the New Year at the famous Times Square celebration. While the crowds may be intimidating for some, we think everyone should try to experience this spectacle at least once. Gathering around the bright LED lights of this iconic section of Manhattan with people from all over the world to ring in the new year is a truly memorable experience. However, it’s important to be prepared for the event and make sure you have everything you need when you arrive, lest you lose your spot.

Preparing For Your Visit To Times Square

Our New York City workers compensation lawyers recommend taking the following measures to prepare for a visit to Times Square for New Year’s Eve:

  • Bring several layers of clothing – You’ll want to get there early if you want a good spot (we recommend showing up by no later than noon), and you’ll be in for a long day while you wait for the ball to drop. The temperature is also likely to drop significantly once the sun goes down, so you’ll want to bring extra layers to put on if you get cold.
  • Bring your own food and water – City officials kick all of the food vendors out of Times Square for the celebrations, so it’s important to have a big meal beforehand and bring your own food for when you get hungry later in the night.
  • Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum – We don’t mean to be killjoys, as we understand most people like to drink booze on New Year’s Eve. But unfortunately, there are no public bathrooms available in the celebration area. And if you have to leave to use one, you’ll lose the spot you’ve spent so many hours securing. So keep the booze to a minimum (or preferably refrain altogether) to make it as easy on your bladder as possible.
  • Leave your backpack at home – Any bag bigger than a small pocket-sized purse is forbidden within the celebration area. So don’t show up with a backpack, as you’ll be turned away, forced to bring it back home, and likely miss your opportunity for a prime viewing spot.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – You’re going to be standing for anywhere from 6-12 hours, depending on how early you get there to secure a good spot. Obviously, this makes it extremely important to wear shoes with solid support so that your feet and legs aren’t killing you by the end.

Times Square Performers For NYE 2018

Each year, the classic “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” show features high-profile musical performances from a variety of genres. While the full list hasn’t been released yet, this year you can watch performances from Nick Jonas, Camila Cabello, and Sugarland. Ryan Seacrest is returning for his 13th year of hosting the event in place of Dick Clark.