Anyone who is employed to work outdoors, especially in the unpredictable summer time weather, is at risk for possible electrocution either from the live wires above or from the potential for lightning strikes during a quick moving storm.

In the case of the New Hampshire worker who was recently killed after being electrocuted on the job, there wasn’t even a direct contact being made with a crane that touched a live electric wire. Rather, the high-voltage of electricity traveled down through the equipment, through the ground, and up into a totally different piece of equipment on which the employee was leaning. A freak accident some would call it but one that could happen to any worker.

Road workers, construction workers, and other employees that are tasked to outdoor work needs to take precautions and be properly trained to avoid such accidents from happening. While often unpredictable, such freak accidents can be avoided in the first place if workers are trained in the importance of identifying and avoiding live wires at all costs. It is also imperative other workers on the job are fully trained and know what to do after an electrocution accident occurs including not touching the injured worker, putting themselves at risk for also being electrocuted.

Outdoor workers also need to have access to weather reports so they can prepare themselves for oncoming thunderstorms, many of which can produce dangerous lightning that kills. The workers should know how to find shelter in the event of an electrical storm so they can stay out of harm’s way.

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