A study based on the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy for NY MTA workers being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder shows the methods may be working for the purposes of returning to work after experiencing a traumatic event on the job.

The population of MTA workers who are exposed to traumatic incidents over the course of their career are high but the study found their motivation to return to work after the experience is also high. Cognitive behavioral therapy is being used to help with on the job trauma that results in flashbacks, phobias, disturbed sleep, depression, avoidance, and loss of concentration and has been shown to be successful as early as the initial session.

MTA workers who experienced psychological trauma during work seek psychological help to deal with the symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress. Their experience in witnessing or participating in events on the job often leaves them unable to return to work because they fear additional problems or because they can’t pull themselves together enough to resume their normal job duties.

The study found that there is success in utilizing CBT not only during the initial treatment but also in ongoing sessions. The therapy has also been shown to help workers cope better with other stressors moving forward so they can return to work and better handle the conditions they face in the future.

While the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th is one of the biggest traumatic events on record for MTA workers, there are still day to day events that take a serious toll on the mental health of New York’s MTA workers. From watching co-workers fall injured or witnessing fatal accidents on the job to being injured at work in a traumatic fashion, the consequences long-term can disrupt a worker’s life if post-traumatic stress disorders are not dealt with promptly and properly.

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