When workers use drugs for recreation, abuse prescription medications or alcohol, there is a great threat to the workplace and its overall productivity. Even if employees are not using on the job, there are a lot of negative consequences that can result. If an accident at work occurs and drug tests are positive, you may lose all rights to workers compensation benefits.

In addition to the threat of accidents on the job due to negligence of someone under the influence, there are also concerns about the higher rates of missed work days. Workers missing time on the job can bring down the work environment and morale. Key job positions often need to work together for success and if workers are absent it affects how the job overall gets done.

Turnover expenses are also a concern for employers. If a worker is found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and are terminated as a result, all of the money and time spent on training that worker is lost. More expenses are incurred hiring and training a new employee. This is one reason companies are choosing to incorporate a drug-testing policy for new hires and promoting random drug tests among workers.

For those working with the public, an employee under the influence can be a threat to the profitability and success of the company as a whole. Poor customer support and services by drunk or drugged out employees can lead customers to turn to the competition. Small businesses in particular can be put out of business with such loss of profits.

Not all drug users are sitting at home. It is estimated by the Department of Justice that nearly 75% of drug abusers have a job. This statistic means that employers may have to pay more in the costs of health benefits and workers compensation. The US Government estimates that for each drug user employed at a company will cost their employer over $10,000 a year.

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