While you may have been legitimately injured while working, it is very important to always maintain the truth about the nature of your injuries as well as how you sustained them. A recent article about a New York apartment porter moonlighting as a boxer who tore up his bicep and then reinjured the area on the job highlights the importance of telling the truth.

Many injured workers may feel the need to inflate the facts in an effort to guarantee approval of their claim for benefits. However, your inflation of the truth may be perceived as fraud. This can quickly make you ineligible for benefits your legitimately deserve.

Working with an experienced workers compensation attorney from the beginning is a good way to stay organized and ensure your claim will be handled properly from day one. The first thing you need to do after a work-related injury is seek medical treatment and a diagnosis. Be sure to report to the doctor or emergency room workers you visit that your injury is job-related. If you fail to disclose this information upfront, you are at risk for losing your right to benefits.

Make sure you go to all doctor’s appointments and follow the physician’s orders for recovery. You certainly don’t want to disregard this important advice and lose out on your claim for benefits. You also do not want to put yourself at risk for re-injuring yourself in the near future.

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