We’ve all been there – wake up in the morning for work to find a flooded basement, non-working electricity, or some other home emergency that keeps you from making it to work on time – if at all. Home emergencies are typically out of your control and you may need to call off from work to deal with the repairs. For these unexpected circumstances, most employers will be understanding about your need to stay at home. But if you have been recklessly using time off from work for other reasons that are not exactly legitimate emergencies, your job may be on the line.

You should not play hooky from work because when you genuinely need time off, there may not be any time left. Household emergencies are one example of what can come up unexpectedly. If you have used your personal time simply because you didn’t feel like going to work, you may not be able to tend to real emergencies when they arise.

Unplanned time off from work can affect a lot of people. If you are not there to handle your work load, someone else may have to do it. It is in your best interest to try and make up time lost from work if your employer permits it. Burdening others on the job can create a resentful workplace. It can also result in a loss of productivity which will not make you look good.

Making up home emergencies just to get the day off from work will eventually backfire. If you tell your boss you have to miss work due to a broken water heater, consider what would happen if the heater actually did break. It will be hard to request more time off. If you are worried that your job is in jeopardy, it may help to bring copies of your repair bills as proof of your situation if your employer has a hard time with your time off from work.

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