If you have been injured on the job there can be a lot of things that go wrong, including situations related to your injury. The last thing you want to do during this time is miss out on opportunities to help see you through your recovery and return to work. Medical complications and ongoing treatment can restrict your ability to function normally and handle things that need to be dealt with concerning your workers compensation.

While you work to recover from your injury, there are things going on behind the scenes in regard to your claim for workers compensation if you have filed one. You want to be sure these matters are handled as much of the process is time-sensitive. You also want to make sure you understand your rights and exercise them as needed.

There is no requirement that your workers compensation case be put before a judge. The New York Workers Compensation Board can make decisions on claims but you have the right to be heard in court by a judge about your case specifics. You do not have to make that appearance in court on your own either. If you are able to appear and wish to speak with a judge, you can have the backing of an experienced attorney by your side to ensure things are handled correctly.

The best way to ensure you know what is going on every step of the way through the workers compensation process is work with an experienced attorney who can translate the ins and outs of workers compensation. This can be especially important if your injury has left you unable to defend yourself properly.

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