Domestic workers that work with families are often revealed to be the subject of harassment and abuse. While many domestic workers find gratifying employment with caring families that lasts for many years, there are still some that are overworked, underpaid, and the regular victims of harassment.

Some of the abuse domestic workers face includes physical abuse. Irate employees lash out for mistakes that are made during the course of employment. There are other situations where domestic workers are being sexually harassed by their employers. Other forms of harassment common among domestic workers include harassment based on a worker’s gender, religion, race, or national origin. Live-in workers are often at the mercy of employers who not only provide their wage, they also provide their room and board.

It is important for domestic workers to understand that abuse of any kind should not be tolerated. The New York State Human Rights Law was amended to cover domestic workers as of November 29, 2010 to protect domestic workers from harassment in the workplace. Domestic workers are known for working long hours and receiving low wages in return. Living in the same home as the employer can make the job situation even more precarious. When an employer harasses the worker in any way, the worker is often afraid to speak up and report the abuse for fear of losing their job.

It is illegal for workers to be harassed or retaliated against by their employers for reporting incidents of harassment including sexual harassment. Many times workers feel the need to comply with their employer’s advances so they will continue to earn a living. Even comments of a sexual nature are cause for sexual harassment. The Human Rights Law makes any kind of revenge illegal. Workers need to file a complaint with the Department of Labor and not be afraid to protect their rights.

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