There are recent headlines about the potential for unionizing car wash employees in order for workers to receive back pay and fair pay scale for work being completed including overtime. As part of those stories, workers at the various New York City car washes being investigated for violating labor laws have reported being victimized by verbally abusive bosses.


Many of the workers at these car washes are immigrants and their employers do not provide fair treatment or pay as per the laws. Due to the varying degrees of understanding of workforce laws by immigrant workers, many of the abusive bosses get away with their verbal bullying and verbal attacks because workers want to keep their jobs and continue to earn a wage, even if it is not appropriate.


Employer abuse happens a lot in workplaces across New York State as well as the country to workers in every industry. Many times employers are able to continue with abusive practices because workers need the income and are too hesitant to report the situation. Overall, many workers simply do not know the law well enough to take a stand and protect their workplace rights because the abusive tactics are necessarily physical.


But verbal assaults can do damage to a person’s mental stability. Bullying by those in authority can cause a loss of self-esteem and confidence. This can cause a lot of stress in a person’s daily life, affect their level of productivity, and make them miss work time simply because they can no longer tolerate going to work to face the abuse.


Abusive employers may also be at the root of why many injured workers do not take action when they get hurt on the job. Workers are afraid to report accidents or incidents because they fear losing their jobs.


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