The recent study showing domestic workers still may be earning less than is mandated by law also highlights a growing problem across the nation. Many domestic workers dedicate many hours, often putting in overtime, working for families to care for children, prepare meals, run errands, and keep the house maintained. In doing so, they often earn less than minimum wage which leaves their own families left to struggle to make ends meet.

The long hours and low pay can be a great stressor for those employed as domestic workers. Benefits including health insurance are often not a part of a domestic worker’s employment package. The stressors of working for another family often leads domestic workers to neglect their own health and that of their own families. As many domestic workers, especially those that live with their employers, end up assuming more responsibility than fits their job description, they are at risk for suffering health problems and injuries.

Many live-in nannies report their lack of sleep when caring for kids. This lack of sleep can lead to injuries on the job when mistakes are made or to a decline in one’s mental or physical health. Sleep deprivation can also lead to mistakes being made during the course of work. Many times domestic workers are asked to perform jobs outside of their scope of work. This can lead to injuries due to the lack of experience in performing some job tasks.

Domestic workers are often taken for granted. While not all employers treat their workers unfairly, those that do may be putting their staff at risk for sickness and injury. If you have been hurt while serving as a domestic worker, contact our legal experts today for a free, confidential consultation. You can reach our team toll free at 888-799-3918 or use our online contact form.