As more employers say they are putting a new focus on safety to ensure that on the job injuries and work-related fatalities are reduced, some workers are arguing that too much safety responsibility is put on the staff and management often gets away with too much.

Safety is the workplace is increasingly becoming an issue. With more and more accidents and fatalities on the job being reported, employers have been told to step up their guidelines. As a result, many employers are pointing the finger at workers when in reality it is the employer who is getting a failing grade in safety.

Some of the primary reasons accidents happen at work is not related directly to co-workers. There are many companies that lack adequate or proper safety gear, provide limited training, or even have sufficient staff to get the job done safely. As a result, workers are getting hurt or killed just doing their jobs.

There have been reports of workers walking off their jobs in protest of safety violations. It’s a curious thing to know how many people aren’t walking out of work but still have full knowledge of their employer’s lack of safety concern. Consider what you would do if you were aware of major infractions on the part of your employer. Would you protest? Would you report your employer to OSHA or other authority?

Unfortunately many employees will not go against their employer even when lives are at stake- including their own. Safety violations and obvious lack of proper management of the work environment is one of the leading reasons why workers are getting hurt and worker’s compensation claims are being filed. Yet people keep their mouths shut to keep their jobs secure.

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