Happy Hour is typically a time of drinking and socialization after the workday has been completed. However, there are some employers who find introducing alcohol on the job makes for happier employees and increased morale. While an afternoon toast in the office may help make for a more relaxed work environment, there are many industries where drinking on the job can prove fatal.

In some work environments, drinking is part of the territory such as in restaurants, bars, and other socially-interactive situations but not industries are conducive to even a drop of alcohol. Consider the recent allegations about the WTC construction site where an increase in on the job accidents may be related to construction workers drinking on the job. Not only does the alcohol put workers at risk, public safety also becomes a concern. Those walking near a work site where workers have been drinking are at risk for injuries. Additionally, everyone on the road is at risk if you drive home from work drunk.

There is a time and a place for a few beers or cocktails but on the job is not where drinking makes sense. Not only are the physical dangers increased to everyone around, there should be a concern about the mental aspects of working while intoxicated. You simply cannot perform your job properly when your mental facilities are soaked in alcohol.

Most employers have policies about drinking on the job as well as being drunk on the job. In many cases, it is a cause for termination. Risking your job and your co-workers’ health and safety is not something to take for granted. You have a responsibility to show up for work on time and sober.

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