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WTC Worksite Leads to Worker Injury

The construction is still ongoing at the World Trade Center site where Tower 4 is almost completed. The 72- story, 977 foot tall building has already cost over $15 billion which is higher than its anticipated cost due to numerous construction accidents that have occurred on the site.


A worker from New York City was onsite near Tower 4 when he fell and was impaled on a piece of steel rebar being used in the construction. The worker was taken to Bellevue Hospital for medical treatment and was listed in critical condition after the accident. He is expected to recovery from his injuries.


New York’s specific Scaffold Law is meant to protect workers by putting liability on the site owners, construction companies, and management involved in the project for injuries and deaths that result from falling from heights on worksites. The Scaffold Law also allows injured workers to file lawsuits against those responsible for the construction site and its work.


No further details were provided on the injured worker from the World Trade Center.