The latest news on the disability fraud charges concerning the Long Island Railroad retirees seems shocking with the amount of money involved. However, fraud of this nature is certainly not a new idea. It is however still harmful to those who are really in need.

The Long Island Railroad retirees who bilked the system out of millions of dollars put those who are really in need at a disadvantage. The LIRR fund was established to help those who were really disabled and could no longer function at a normal capacity. The funds were created to be a ‘safety net’ for those who have retired and were became disabled.

The case was blown open when it was discovered that people were fraudulently collecting benefits that were almost comparable to their working salary, leaving those truly in need getting the short end of the stick. Those collecting funds were investigated and found to be out playing golf despite their claims of being unable to stand or even move without pain.

Sadly, physicians are often more than willing to collect their own compensation for helping the fraud exist. There were three doctors found to be involved in the scam that has already paid out $300,000 million in fraudulent funds. The involve doctors made millions by pushing retirees to file for benefits and for performing fake medical tests and signing off on false medical reports. The doctors also made millions from health insurance companies for these phony medical services.

As a result of this type of fraud, all people suffer when the cost of health care continues to rise and benefit applications are declined for those truly in need. While this case may have resulted in arrests, not all incidents of fraud are ever discovered, leaving those involved rich while others continue to struggle.

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