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Workers Compensation Fraud Continues With Doctored Bills

An ongoing problem in the workers compensation system is fraud. This comes as no surprise as we have covered countless incidents of fraud right here on this website. Unfortunately, regardless of the hundreds of perpetrators who get caught each year, there are just as many, if not more waiting in the wings. This is a both a sad and frustrating situation as workers compensation fraud is one of the main reasons why workers with legitimate claims get denied.

At the root of this problem is not just the workers who file false claims, but members of the medical community who also milk the system with inflated bills. Many cases of fraud result from doctors encouraging patients to receive additional and often unnecessary treatments. The only logical motivator behind these actions would be greed. The result is a small percentage of medical professionals profiting while the rest of the medical community and injured workers suffer the consequences.

The fact that doctors are behind many of the issues affecting all of us should come as no surprise. The stereo type of workers compensation fraud is often the work ethic challenged employee who wants to get money for nothing, but as this new report shows, this is not always the case.

As stated in an article appearing on, “An upstate New York doctor who allegedly hired a patient he was treating for a workers’ comp disability has been arrested for insurance fraud, according to the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF). Dr. Vu Q. Tran, of Rochester, faces charges of insurance fraud, fraudulent insurance practices. He was arrested by State Police last month.”

It is alleged that Dr. Tran hired a patient for a nursing position despite his medical report stating the woman was temporarily disabled from an injury suffered at work. Despite the disability claim, the woman was allegedly then hired as a nurse in Dr. Tran’s office. In this situation both the doctor and the “nurse” are being charged with insurance fraud.