When you apply for Social Security benefits and are denied your claim by a Social Security Administrative judge, you may be tempted to call it quits rather than face the system once again. But it is important for those who have legitimate claims to follow through and seek an appeal for the award of benefits.

As a recent news story suggest, different judges have different ways of looking at Social Security benefits claims and it may be necessary for you to get the outside assistance of a legal representative involved to handle your Social Security benefits appeal.

As attorneys who have been through the system more times than we can count, we know what it takes to make an appeal work so you can win your right to Social Security benefits you need. If you have only filed for a claim one time and were denied, it is important to seek help from someone with the experience necessary to win the appeal rather than give up your claim.

Being unable to work or bring income into your household will get old fast. Since the Social Security approval time can be a long process, it pays to know your options rather than just sit tight with the final decision of the judge on your case.

If you have presented your claim in front a judge with an historical track record of denying claims, you need the experience on your side to see your appeal case through to fruition. Because the complexities and legalities of filing and appealing Social Security benefits can get frustrating, don’t give up on your denial.

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