There are a number of reasons why a building may need to be demolished – from faulty construction in the first place which makes the building unsafe, to storm or weather-related damages, to extreme situations such as the events of 9/11 on the World Trade Center in NYC. Construction companies are called in to take out the building on demolition jobs, which increase the potential for various construction accidents.

Asbestos & Toxins

Before demolition can begin on a building with asbestos, the contractor must ensure OSHA standards for demolition are met- including calling in qualified asbestos removal experts should be called in to remove the toxins so that they are not released into the air during building demolition. If you’ve been involved on a demolition job and exposed to asbestos that have lead to illnesses, you need to seek advice from a workers’ compensation attorney. Other toxins found in older buildings should also be carefully removed by qualified technicians prior to demolition.

Unknown Demolition Hazards

Part of the problem with demolition jobs is the number of unknown hazards lying under the surface of the building materials. There could be approved or unapproved changes to a buildings design with materials hidden and unknown strength of certain materials. Hazards of demolition must be handled with safety precautions to avoid construction injuries and deaths in this dangerous job.

If you have been involved in a demolition construction accident, call NYC workers’ compensation lawyers for a free consultation. If someone you love has been injured or killed on the job – we can help.