On Thursday, September 15th, a construction worker employed by a New York demolition company, was killed at a demolition site in Belltown, Washington.  The worker suffered severe neck injuries on the 22nd floor of the building being demolished due to faulty construction,  located at 210 Wall Street, and was quickly lowered to the ground by crane so paramedics could perform CPR.

The man was using a Bobcat loader to push debris down a chute when the man was injured, but there are conflicting reports as to what actually caused the accident.  Initial reports stated the man fell, but now it seems he may have drove the Bobcat into a piece of rebar which caused the fatal injury.

The construction accident is being investigated by the Department of Labor and Industries.

The construction worker's death is the fourth construction-related worker death and the 32nd work-related fatality in Washington this year, but similar accidents and construction worker deaths happen around the country.