A very common injury sustained on the job may seem simple enough but if left untreated can cause a lot of problems and chronic pain. Blisters, calluses, and corns are all common medical issues on the skin that people suffer especially those who are working in manual labor jobs.

Here is an overview of what each problem involves:


This injury occurs on the surface of the skin where a raised area develops that fills with a clear liquid. Blisters can be painful and are generally caused by the area of the affected skin being irritated and rubbed repeatedly. Blisters often occur on the feet and hands. They can also be the result of a burn injury.


A callus develops on the bottom of the foot or on the palm of the hands. It is a hardened piece of skin that develops due to extra pressure and friction of the skin.


A corn is a buildup of roughened skin that develops near or between the bones of the toes. Corns are the result of ill-fitting shoes that constantly rub the toes.

Any of these conditions can develop while doing manual work that involves repetitive motions. While they are not particular hazardous, the affected area can bring a lot of pain to a worker and if not properly treated or protected can bust open and become infected.

It is wise to care for the areas of the skin affected by these issues as soon as possible. Invest in better footwear, wear hand protective gloves, and consult a doctor if the conditions are getting worse. Some corns and calluses may need to be removed by a professional when they become too painful to deal with on your own. By protecting the areas of your skin where friction often occurs, you can prevent the development of these conditions and work more comfortably and free of pain.