Warehouses are one of the most common places where conveyor belt systems are utilized to transport product for loading or unloading. Unfortunately there are many who do not realize the seriousness in which the conveyor belt should be utilized and co-workers have been hurt when playing around on the work floor.

Employees that joke around on the job, putting objects or each other on the conveyor belt system are risking lives. Injuries around a conveyor belt can happen in an instant if an article of clothing or an actual body part gets caught up in the gears. The force at which the belt is moving is enough to cause an amputation to limbs or even prove fatal. For this reason, workers need to be trained to understand the importance of avoiding horseplay and improper operation of the conveyor system.

One of the other reasons we have seen many injuries stemming from conveyor belts is due to a lack of training on the part of the employer. This training should entail not only the proper operation and use of a conveyor belt system but also what to do in the event of an emergency. If workers can not react in appropriate time or do not know how to react if the belt system malfunctions or if someone becomes trapped in the system, injuries will likely be much worse.

Workers should never take for granted their safety around conveyor belt systems no matter how tame they may seem. To not take the conveyor belt safety precautions seriously means jeopardizing not only your own safety but also the safety of everyone on the work floor. Do yourself a favor and pay more attention to the training you receive and respect the power of the machinery you work around each and every day.

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