Employers need to take ever precaution to ensure their workers are able to perform their job with as few safety concerns as possible. There are of course some occupations which are inherently more dangerous than others, therefore whenever hazardous conditions can be eliminated they should. What many people do not realize is one of the more important steps employers can take is making sure their workers are properly trained.

In the case of a Brooklyn medical center, the importance of training employees cannot be stressed enough. The center recently received 14 violations of workplace safety and health standards as reported in an article published by AboutMesothelioma.net. The violations, as well as a proposed $48,000 fine are the result of a inspection from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The violations are due to employees in contact with asbestos or materials which may contain asbestos not being properly trained to use safety precautions necessary to protect their health. A perfect example of why safety training is vital to prevent accidents and injuries on the job as well as health issues resulting from exposure to dangerous products. In the case of asbestos, exposure to it can be life threatening, making this a serious safety violation.

Employers must not only know how to keep their employees safe but also provide the proper training to ensure employees do not unknowingly expose themselves to health hazards. By doing so, both employee and employer are protected from the negative consequences of unsafe work environments.