While it may have appeared somewhat comical, the concrete flooding which occurred at the Le Parker Meridien hotel was no laughing matter. Luckily no one was injured during the construction accident which flooded the hotel with wet cement but it does highlight the difficulties and the dangers construction workers face in tight spaces and busy places.

Construction workers in a city location face a number of dangers others in construction may not. For instance the public that must often walk in between the scaffolding set up on public sidewalks pose a significant hazard as workers must be extra diligent in what they are doing so as not to injure passersby or other co-workers.

In the incident in the hotel, the construction work is ongoing right next door which is also disruptive to the guests of the hotel. There had been a number of complaints filed with the hotel’s management where guest complained of noise while workers were doing their job. This irritation in a tight space can also lead to aggressive behavior perpetrated on workers.

Working in tight spaces and busy places poses a number of threats to the workers on constructions sites. For that reason, special training should address how construction workers must deal with the intricacies of working around the public and near active businesses such as in a city environment.

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