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Major depression got you down? You may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits

Major depression can be completely debilitating, which you may already know if you or someone in your family suffers from it in New York.  If depression gets bad enough, it can affect your ability to hold down a job, take care of your family, enjoy life and much more.  To cope with major depression you may need medication, therapy and other treatments that are time consuming and expensive.


All of this can be a heavy burden, and worrying about how you will make a living and take care of your family can make it even worse.  For individuals suffering from major depression, help is available in the form of Social Security disability benefits.

Qualifying for New York Social Security disability benefits for major depression

Not everyone diagnosed with depression qualifies for disability benefits.  In order to qualify, you must meet several criteria, basically proving that you have professionally diagnosed depression and you are taking steps to manage it.

You may think that the fact you don’t have the energy to find a doctor, or that you miss appointments and don’t follow all of your doctor’s orders shows that you really need help, since you can’t even do those basic things.  However, the Social Security Administration sees missed appointments and lack of treatment as a sign that you can manage your depression on your own without help.

To qualify for disability benefits for major depression, at a minimum:

  • You must be seeing a mental health professional on a regular basis
  • You must show that your symptoms of depression have lasted or will last at least 12 months
  • You must have documented records of these visits
  • There cannot be missed visits or gaps in your medical records
  • You must comply with treatment prescribed by your medical professional
  • Your records must show that you have symptoms of major depression that continue despite treatment and regular appointments (symptoms include sleep disturbance, loss of interest in all activities, difficulty concentrating or thinking, thought of suicide, hallucination, and more).
  • You must prove that depression is having a marked impact on your daily life
  • You must show that you are not contributing to your depression with behaviors like drinking or drugs.


New Yorkers, get help with your Social Security disability claim for depression


The last thing you need if you are suffering from major depression is one more thing to worry about.  Let us take the burden of dealing with the New York Social Security Disability system off your plate.  Please contact our White Plains office today to speak with one of our skilled, compassionate disability benefits attorneys.


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